Your Story

Authentic Images, Capturing the Heart of Your Personal Brand


You want your website and socials to seamlessly express who you are.

Now is your time to push yourself out there so you can build valuable relationships that grow your business to the next level.

Your customers want to know your story.

Personal brand photography helps you engage authenically and attract your tribe.

So, you're building your personal brand!


Because marketing isn't only about what you sell, but the stories you tell

Imagine if you had

3 months
6 months

or even
365 days

of beautiful, engaging, custom images at your fingertips in your very own image library

Let's get comfortable with revealing yourself!

When we shoot for the real you, we can lose the awkward posed stuff that just makes you feel like a fraud.

We have fun, we laugh, we go deep.
I’ll be looking out for the authentic moments in between shots, where we get a glimpse of your essence, the stuff that makes you gold and connects with yourself and others.

I get it. I know you're busy.

Maybe the idea of planning a photo shoot sounds laborious?

Maybe you don't feel like you're photogenic?

My job is to reflect your style, your business your personality

Woman holding crystalWoman holding crystal

I'll be doing a ton of planning and I'll have great ideas to share.

I'll really get to know you and your business. Together we'll create stories of you that really reflect your brand and connect you with your audience.

I always work in unison with you, listening to what you like and don't like.

Don't Worry!

With me as your personal brand photographer I will:

  • Take the time to understand you and your business
  • Create images that connect you to your audience
  • Help you strengthen your brand
  • Make sure we have fun
  • Work within your busy schedule and give you a fast turnaround time
  • Offer an affordable and interest-free payment plan, so that you can spread payments throughout the year and free up cash flow.
  • Offer you the opportunity to become a recurring client so that you have priority place with me each quarter, so we can capture a whole year of your business stories. Plus! All recurring clients qualify for a discounted price.


Check out my portfolio below for examples of what you can expect when you work with me.

Hey there!

I’m Karaena,

I’m a passionate personal brand photographer.

When I’m photographing I look for something relatable, I’m striving to show the relationships between people, objects, products and their environments, how they fit or stand out, their unique story and what this reflects about them to the world.

I'm here to help you tell YOUR story.

So what's the next step?

Step 1: Connect

I'll respond to your questions and we'll set up a time to meet

Step 2: Video Chat

We'll connect via video chat or over the phone to go over the details and see if we're a good fit for each other.

Step 3: Make it Official!

If we decide to move forward, we'll plan your 1st story, sign the paper work and make it official!


A photographic documentary style shoot of your business. We capture the details and tell your story, with the aim of helping your personality represent your brand.

Story Starter

30 Images


  • Up to 2 Stories
  • 1 Location
  • Post to social media every 2nd business day for 2 months.

Your Story

90 Images


  • Up to 3 Stories
  • Up to 2 Locations
  • Post to social media every single day for 3 months

Your Full Story

200 Images


  • As many stories as we can do in a day
  • Multiple locations
  • When you've got big, big plans for your content

Because this is your Story

"Karaena was such a pleasure to work with for my personal branding shoot - thank you so much for going far beyond my expectations and giving me shots that were absolutely perfect!"
- Emma Sheib- Simple Slow Lovely

What my lovely clients say


I find it difficult to find the words for the work you have done for us . Any compliment would only be cutting you short of the accolades you deserve. But I will say that as I perused through the images I couldn't have felt more humble for the business My wife Anne Marie and I have created portrayed so beautifully by your photos.

William Cleaver
Resurgence Riwaka Roasting Ltd